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>  Alltrax products have
now participated and won
in three major world wide
renewable energy and
University races?  

Try our products and
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In the NEWS:
With the many projects, enthusiasts, and
EV excitement, we have added the "In
The NEWS" page including events that we
may be involved in, "Customer
Creations", or other EV-Events such as
University racing, what ever.  

Come join us in celebrating the
engineering genius that give the
Hydrocarbon Combustion Vehicles a
for the Money"...

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NEWS WORTHY                                                                                          
Wins 8th place in
Super Cross
in Geneva for
This is a significant milestone, the Quantya EV01 electric motor cross bike
competes -and wins- 8th place against 2 and 4 stroke 500cc hydrocarbon internal
combustion motor bikes at the Geneva 2006 Super Cross.  

Quantya, a Switzerland company has been working on a performance motor bike
for several years now and has become a leader in innovation, performance, and
competitive bikes.  

The Alltrax design team and OEM Services provided the technical support,  a
collaborative effort to accomplish their goals.  Check them out at:
Builds high quality
pleasure craft using
advanced electric
motor technology and
Alltrax AXE Series -  
Performance Motor
in this quiet full electric powered luxurious pleasure water craft from
fishing outings, or the occasional rain, then drops back into the hull for

As water quality concerns for our lakes and streams drive more EPA restrictions
onto our hydrocarbon internal combustion engine boats, the electric boats will
become a more attractive alternative.  This boat is the ultimate toy and will
surprise you with the power and agility.  The Electric drive eliminates EPA issues
with the same (or better) overall performance.  Fisherman - "Wanna catch the
big one?" An electric motor is 100 times quieter than a internal combustion
engine and doesn't require storage of on-board gasoline.

Check them out at:
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ITU University
called Ariba for the
Built two solar cars
called Ariba for the
Solar Decathlon race
taking 1st place!  The
Perm-Mag motor
technology and the
Alltrax AXE
Performance Controller
Pictures property of
Pictures property of
from the Istanbul Technical University in Turkey.

Istanbul Technical University website;

U-Tube video:
Updated 7/05/2016
on the Discovery
February 18th
Alltrax Takes Flight
in the ELECTRA
(Courtousy of ACV Aero
Service, in Partner with
APAME Group, France)
Read the full Article
Courtousy of "The Times", by
Charles Bremner
On Sunday December 23rd took place the first flight of the ELECTRA F-WMDJ,
equipped with your LEM-200-D135 in direct drive and Lithium polymer batteries.

This 48 minute flight was realized from the Aspres sur Buech airfield in the
Swiss Alps.

The plane is a one seater home built construction in wood and fabrics.  Take
off mass was 265 kg (590 lb).
Aircraft: 9m (30ft) wingspan, 7m (21ft) in length AVC Aero Service
Controller: Alltrax Inc. AXE-7245,
Batteries: Lithium Polymer, 45kg (99.2lbs)
@2008 Alltrax Inc.
A major step towards electric drive
proliferation with the high quality
construction and stringent
engineering design earns them
the CE approval for international
EU sales in 28 countries.
Lear-Baylor Electric
the CE Mark
"The Extreme Motocross" (Airs on the Discovery Channel February 18th)
It's California Casual when the two teams of this motocross episode first meet to
compare the sleek and electric Zero Motorcycle against the reigning champ of
motocross - the Honda CR250V bike.

But while both teams seem interested and friendly the spirit of competition soon
takes over and each driver saddles deep in his seat to drive his bike into the winning
spot. Casual aside, it's a high stakes competition for Neal Saiki, the creator of the
Zero bike, as he strives to bring his quiet zero emissions motorcycle to the forefront
of motocross racing.
"The Extreme Motocross" On the Discovery Channel
Monday, February 18, 2008 at 9:30 PM (EST)
Monday, February 18, 2008 at 12:30 AM (EST)
Quantya FMX Bike winds the ISPO Winter 2008 Award
Quantya U-Tube
awarded the ISPO Brand New Award for
Winter 2008.  

construction provides a powerful - yet green
-  motocross electric bike with Alltrax AXE4844
This innovative design and high quality
coupled to the Lynch LEM motor and a
Lithium battery pack.  Simply plug into the
wall and enjoy 3 hours of adrenalin ride time.
Andrew (with the help of his Father) built this awesome Green "E-Kart" Electric Go-Kart in a quiet suburb of
  • Controller: AXE4834, Programmable 300amp Series Controller
  • Motor: Series wound, 24 volt, 8000 RPM, 30 ft/lbs torque at 4 HP continuous, face mount shaft
  • Gear Ratio: 10:1
  • Batteries: 2 x 12V gel cells
  • Throttle:  EV Drives  PB-6 Curtis Original pot box
  • Solenoid:  EV Drives  MZJ-200D, 200amp 24Volt main DC disconnect
  • Frame: Northern Tools go-kart (mail order) built for gas - now converted for electric
  • Speed: Clocked at  25 MPH max speed
  • Run time:  about 45 minutes on a full charge

As Niel explains his Son's project...
The Kart's frame came with frame, tires and steering mechanism.  It was originally designed for
gas motor so we had to do a lot of planning to organize the electric parts in their proper places.  The body was
purchased in March 2011 and we had it running by around June/July 2011 time frame.  We are using 2 Gell
batteries (24V) to run the motor.  A third battery is being used to run the 12volt accessories like stereo/CD
player, GPS, fan, and headlights.
Andrews E-Kart, July 2012. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Alltrax takes flight in the ELECTRA
Bills sweet 1989 Nissan converted into 170V Lithium - Alltrax Powered Electric
Controller is USB  
programmable using a
Laptop (As seen With
Damon Crockett) with Bill
the system.
Bill's 89 Nissan was
stripped of new coat of
Metallic blue paint, and
modified suspension for
a clean light ride.
Engine bay is
meticulously laid out with
easy access and
immaculate hardware
and wiring layout.
Alltrax SPM-156600
Controller is Mounted on
the rear wall for easy
access and programming
The Warp 9 motor sits
behind the conversion
mounting plate to the
original Nissan manual
All 12volt accessories
powered by a separate
12V "house battery" and
12V charger eliminates
issues when drawing of
Dual 170V packs for Series /
Parallel for 180Amphr of K2
Energies Lithium Iron
Phosphate Cells using
sophisticated BMS
(Batt-Managment System).
Other half of the pack
securely mounted in a
welded aluminum case
located in the trunk
(cover off for pictures).
from the Alltrax Facility in Grants Pass Oregon, Bill instantly became friends with Damon Crockett, (President /
  • Controller: SPM-156600 Advanced Programmable 600amp 156 volt Series Controller
  • Motor: Series wound, Warp 9, 34HP, 5800 RPM, 100ft/lbs torque at 500Amp
  • Transmission: Stock Manual 5 speed (left in 2nd or 3rd gear)
  • Batteries: 170V 180Amphr K2 Energy Lithium Iron Phosphate
  • Throttle:  Curtis PB-6 pot box
  • Range: Estimated 100miles
  • Charger: Line powered 8.5KW
  • Speed: 55MPH Avg speed

Bill decided to take some fun money and convert the Nissan.  The project required swapping suspension coils
(front and rear) to level the load, a new coat of blue metallic paint, and beautifully fabricated brackets, motor
mounts, aluminum battery box and connect the 1/2 mile of wires (some exaggeration on my part).  Most of all
learning the technical aspects of the new SPM controller platforms capabilities and software tools makes this
Alltrax' powered Warp9 a Hot machine.
Pictures used with Permission from owner.