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Bad Boy Buggie Controller Replacement Kit

  • Thermal plastic enclosure ABS
  • 48 Volt Controllers
  • 500 amp Controllers
  • Wire Harness adaptor to fit XT, XTO, XT Classic, BB2, and AMS4
  • Flexible USB programming
  • Solenoid Control Output for “Main DC Contactor Control”
  • Mount included for easy installation
  • Auto-throttle calibration for smooth operation
  • Hi-Reliability Optional Fan panel (Included on 500 amp model)
  • Includes Blue-tooth module for fast and easy wireless access to controller
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Bad Boy Buggie Controller Replacement Kit $2100

BBB Controller Kit
SR Series & PMDC Controllers
XCT Shunt Controllers
FN: Function Controls
Bluetooth® Module

What is an Electric Motor Controller?

The electric motor controller (speed controller) interfaces the battery to the electric motor. As the throttle is increased, the motor controller output power increases the speed and/or torque. Some controllers can also put some energy back into the battery called Regenerative Braking (XCT and NCT Models).

The ALLTRAX electric motor controller works similar to a throttle and the automotive gasoline carburetor.

What Sets ALLTRAX Apart?

  • Made in the USA
  • Technology developed “at the racetrack”
  • Full epoxy encapsulated product is impervious to the elements
  • On-Staff customer service
  • Performance replacement to other motor controllers
  • High quality, vertically integrated manufacturing
  • Controllers are programmable using free software from your PC or laptop
  • Used in golf cart, NEV, marine, industrial, agriculture and recreational electric vehicle applications

Did You Know?

Over 200,000 Alltrax Electric Motor Controllers have shipped. Each unit reduces thousands of gas emissions each year.

Alltrax XCT,NCT,SR, and SPM controllers can be programmed on your bench using a USB printer cable and our free Alltrax Toolkit software. The controller will power up via the USB cable so no external power supplies are needed.


NEV Markets

Special transportation using electric vehicles has tripled over the last three years. ALLTRAX provides performance controllers to several major customers who require more torque and flexible features for a demanding application.

After Market Sales
Golf & EEVs

Experimental EV research is an important part of the ALLTRAX past, present and future. Several schools and college EV challenges and races have been won powered by ALLTRAX controllers.

Industrial and Process Equipment

The industrial material handling OEM and special Fork-Lift design applications. ALLTRAX controllers’ thermal and power performance are better than most manufactures’ requirements.

Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM)

OEM and golf fleet applications need a reliable and cost effective controller. ALLTRAX provides flexible tools and adapters for many golf cars, ground keeping and multi-person cars.

Electric Vehicle Applications

Driven by high oil prices, the traditional EV market has expanded exponentially. From conversions to OEM applications, the motor and controller combinations provide the customer with solutions using proven and viable technologies.

Extreme Buggies

High powered motor controllers to support high horsepower motors for whatever ground you cover, from the hills of Kentucky, to the sand dunes of Oregon and California. Speed, torque, or a combination of both, to go anywhere!


Environmental concerns have caused the marine market to turn to electric drive systems. Advancements in motor and battery technology are making it a more cost effective alternative to hydrocarbon driven boats and various other watercraft.

Products Include

  • XCT and NCT for SHUNT wound electric motors
  • SR for SERIES wound and BRUSHED permanent magnetic electric motors
  • Various other EV systems components.