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DC to AC Golf Cart Conversion Kit

Transform your golf cart with the AC1 Controller, the leading choice for AC Golf Cart Controllers. Specifically engineered for AC Club Car and AC EZGO models, this controller offers unmatched power and precision. Don’t miss out on the chance to boost your cart’s performance. Explore our products and take the first step towards an enhanced driving experience today!

Available Conversion Kits:

  • EZGo TXT48
  • Club Car IQ/Precedent/Tempo/Onward DC
  • EZGo and Club Car Series Carts (with additional hardware)

Only $1949

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What is an Electric Motor Controller?

A motor controller is a device that manages the speed and direction of an electric motor in a electric vehicle. It works by translating the throttle position and regulating the power sent to the motor, allowing for smooth acceleration and deceleration. This controller adjusts the electrical current to control how fast or slow the motor runs, and can even reverse its direction. By using an aftermarket motor controller, you can improve the efficiency and performance of your vehicle, making it more responsive and easier to control.


What Sets ALLTRAX Apart?

  • Engineered and Built in the USA
  • Fully epoxy encapsulated product is impervious to the elements
  • In-House customer service and application engineering staff
  • Performance golf cart replacement and custom OEM Controllers
  • Privately owned company with vertically integrated manufacturing processes
  • Fully programmable controllers allowing for custom drive profiles for any application

Did You Know?

  • We have controllers to drive these motor types:
    • Brushed Motors:
      • Series Wound
      • Shunt Wound
      • Brushed Permanent Magnet
    • AC/Brushless Motors:
      • Induction
      • Permanent Magnet AC (PMAC)
      • Brushless DC (BLDC)
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Alltrax RXV Controller
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Bad Boy Buggy Controller
SR Series & PMDC Controllers
Alltrax Series Controller, EZGO Controller, Club Car Controller
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NEV/LSV Markets

Alltrax performance controllers are driving many different Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV) and Low Speed Vehicles (LSV). From Tuktuks to electric bikes to specialty built vehicles, Alltrax has led the way in creating flexible and power controllers to drive the future of transportation.

Golf Cart Upgrades

We are a leader in the performance golf cart market. With solutions from mild to wild in performance choices, we have been the new in upgrade controllers for EZGo, Club Car and Yamaha.

Industrial and Process Equipment

The variety of throttle inputs for the controller made it easily adaptable to any industrial need. Used in applications from hydraulic pumps, oil pumping and conveyor equipment.

Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM)

OEM applications need a reliable and cost effective solution. Alltrax works with the OEMs to create custom controllers for their application to their specifications.

Electric Vehicles

Driven by high oil prices, the traditional EV market has expanded exponentially. From conversions to OEM applications, the motor and controller combinations provide the customer with solutions using proven and viable technologies.

Extreme Buggies

High powered motor controllers to support high horsepower motors for whatever ground you cover, from the hills of Kentucky, to the sand dunes of Oregon and California. Speed, torque, or a combination of both, to go anywhere!


Environmental concerns have caused the marine market to turn to electric drive systems. Advancements in motor and battery technology are making it a more cost effective alternative to hydrocarbon driven boats and various other watercraft.

Products Include

  • XCT and NCT for SHUNT wound electric motors
  • SR for series wound and brush permanent magnetic electric motors
  • AC1 for AC Induction Golf Cart Applications
  • AC2 for AC Induction and PMAC/BLDC OEM and Custom applications