An Advanced Motor Controller for Today’s Demanding Markets

  • Thermal plastic enclosure ABS
  • 24-72 volt models
  • 650RMS amp models
  • Standard connectors for EZGo RXV, Club Car, EZGo TXT, ICON 22-23, YDRE2 *To come Yamaha G19/G22, PDS and YDRE
  • Flexible USB programming
  • Integrated heatsink mounts on any suitable surface
  • Solenoid Control Output for “Main DC Contactor Control”
  • Auto-throttle calibration for smooth operation
  • Hi-Reliability built in Fan
  • Compatible with our FN-K2 and FN-KS boxes to make performance adjustments in real time.

Features & Options

Hi-Perfomance 32bit CPU

Throttle control for smooth operation compatible for most types of vehicle throttles.

Unsurpassed control with user adjustable from smooth to neck snapping wild!

USB 2.0 Programming Port

Windows 10 & 11

  • Free software
  • Simple Set-Up
  • User Friendly Controls
  • Note: Not compatible with WIN-8 RT (tablet)
ALLTRAX FN User Controls
  • FN-2 provides active speed+regen control for street to wild performance.
  • FNKS provides 3-profile selector switch: Normal, Street and Performance (or Child Mode) along with an adjustable REGEN knob.
Learn More About FN Here

Model Breakdown

Whats the Secret Decoder Ring?


  • 72 – First two digits = Battery String Voltage (two digits) 48volt, 72volt, etc
  • 650 – Last three digits = amperage, 650=650 amps (at 2 minutes)
  • RXV Model – Denotes EZGo RXV with 23 or 35 pin connector

Install PDF’s

EXGO-RXV AC1 Installation Guide

Download Diagram

EZ-TXT AC1 Installation Guide

Download Diagram

YDRE-DRIVE2 AC1 Installation Guide

Download Diagram

RXV Operators Manual

Download Manual

YDRE2 Operators Manual

Download Manual

TXT Operators Manual

Download Manual