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Customer support is the most important aspect of our business and we are committed to provide the best possible customer support with a “live voice” at the other end.

Our technical services are available by phone or email; 7:00AM to 3:30PM PST (USA) Monday through Friday (except nationally recognized holidays)

The first step in the warranty process is to call our technical support department and explain your issue. We like to do as much troubleshooting as possible over the phone before we issue an RMA (Return Materials Authorization). If we find we need to get the product back for testing we will issue you an RMA number  and you will need to fill out the below form and ship it back with the product.

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Technical Services

  • Schematic review (Many templates available in Doc Depot)
  • Test controllers – failure mode analysis
  • Provide Programming Tools and tips to ensure the controller is set up for your application
  • EV-conversion Information using our comprehensive documentation; technical notes, white papers, schematics, etc
  • Engineering Evaluations that are cost competitive services for your design, quotes are available by contacting our OEM & After Market Sales at 541-476-3565, or email at [email protected] . Please include “EVALUATION” in the subject line and include a brief description of the project). The scope of the evaluation can be tailored to fit your needs.
  • Motor / Controller package designs working closely with our motor manufacturer / distributors such as HT Electric and D&D Motors. Between our companies, we can provide the motor to suite your applications.
  • OEM Designs – starting a new project? A new fleet of EV-cars,Hybrids, Boats, NEV’s, or equipment handling? Need some support choosing the controller, motor, schematics, or diagrams? Contact our OEM & After market Sales at 541-476-3565, or email at [email protected] (Please put “OEM” in the subject line), maybe we can help your project.
  • Competitor Cross References, frustrated with your present Electric Motor Controller? Let us cross reference that controller to our model number. Send an email (or call) to our product locater at [email protected] and we will email you a model number equivalent.
  • Training packages, programs, and materials are available to large Dealer, Distributors, and OEM clients. We also offer a cost effective training package for on site programs (also for large dealers, distributors, or OEM clients).

The History of Alltrax Electric Vehicle Motor Controllers

The Electric Vehicle:
As the threat of world stability drives oil prices higher, consumers and enthusiasts are looking into alternative drive systems, taking control of their energy consumption, but still want the performance expected from the hydrocarbon engine counterparts.

The Company Founder:
The company founders, Damon Crockett (a power electronics engineer of 26 years from Klamath Falls Oregon) and Jeff Bradley developed high power motor controllers for electric racing vehicles.

A few of these powerful Electric Race cars had the capability of dumping 750,000 watts of power into two motors during an 8 second 1/4 mile run down the race track. Obviously requires controllers that can “handle the extremes”.

Follow the history of Alltrax and PCE as the leader in Performance Electric Motor Controllers.

  • 1996; Located in Bellingham Washington (USA), Mr. Crockett formed DCP focus on providing the EV Racing market with an counterparts. (Including the tire smoking Sparrow shown at upper right)
  • 2000; Moved the company from Bellingham Washington to Grants Pass Oregon and formed the Alltrax (2001) and PCE (2005) companies.
  • Alltrax Inc – Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, Accounting
  • PCE – Power Control Engineering and controlling intellectual capital and intellectual property.
  • 2004; JIT-TQM Launched Just-In-Time (JIT), Lean Western manufacturing, and tools from Total Quality Management Processes (TQM).  These Methods reduce lead times, reduce waste, and instill top quality control into our staff.
  • 2006; OEM Instituted Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) Services and After Market Services (AMS) by helping the EV industry design, build, and manufacture their products using our expertise and collaborative team resources.
  • 2008; System Components such as solenoids, diodes, pre-charge resistors, and heat sink assemblies to make your purchases easier.
  • 2009; SPM Controller.  This new platform changes everything:  Internal heatsink, 32 bit microprocessor, USB 2.0 programming, Color Coded Terminals for easy installation, Dual E-Z-Go connector (5-pin and 4-spades), Hi-Reliability serviceable Fan, 200 through 800amp Heavy Duty.
  • 2015; XCTSHUNT Regenerative Advanced Motor Controller.  This new platform with 4 year development changes everything:  Internal heatsink, 32 bit microprocessor, USB 2.0
    programming, 4x or 2x mounting bolt pattern similar to industry standards, easy installation, Dedicated connectors (no adapters!), Optional Hi-Reliability serviceable Fan for 300-400amp models, Fan included on 500amp models, 300 through 500amp 36-48V models. Case is ABS+PC510 Thermal Plastic with 94V0 and 5VA flame rating. Epoxy filled for any
    environment. All Copper heatsinks.
  • 2016; SR – SERIES Advanced Motor Controller. Leveraging from the design of the XCT platform, the SPM was ported into the new physical shape as the XCT. The SR uses the latest high powered and high efficiency MOSFETS to provide awesome power and performance in a industry standard footprint.  With USB programmability and user input personality switch is a cost effective power house. Dedicated color coded user cconnectors (no adapters!), Optional Hi-Reliability serviceable Fan for 300-400amp models, Fan included on 500-600amp models. SR 300 through 600amp 36-48V models with SR 300 through 500amp 72 Volt models. Case is ABS+PC510 Thermal Plastic with 94V0 and 5VA flame rating. Epoxy filled for any environment. All Copper heatsinks.
  • 2016; FN Control boxes. The XCT and SR have user inputs for the customer to select a profile, adjust speed, or adjust regen (XCT) while driving the vehicle allowing for mild to wild
    performance selection from the front seat.
  1. FN1 – SR – SERIES for Speed control
  2. FN2 – XCT Speed and Regn knobs
  3. FNKS – XCT 3-mode selector switch for 3 profiles, NORM, USER1 and USER2, along with a Regen knob, all configuable using the Alltrax Toolkit to suite your needs.  Set up a street mode, performance mode, and when the kids come over – a Child mode!

Product Time Line

1996: DCP Race Car Controllers:

  • Raptor 1200Amp
  • 48-156 VDC

1997: DCP Race Car Controllers:

  • T-Rex 1000Amp
  • 96-240VDC
  • 90-420VDC to 12VDC
  • 350Watt DC-DC converter
  • Series Wound & Perm-Mag
  • Motors
  • 12-72VDC
  • 300-650Amp
  • Performance Grade
  • Programmable
  • Plug Brake Option
  • Shunt Wound (Separately Excited) Motors
  • 24-48VDC
  • 300-600Amp
  • Performance Grade
  • Programmable
  • Plug Brake Option

Series Wound Motors

  • 36-48VDC
  • 300-400Amp (Peak)
  • Stock Fleet Grade
  • Non-Programmable

2006: NCX – Alltrax Controller:

  • STOCK Replacement for Shunt
  • Motors
  • 36-48VDC
  • 300-400Amp (Peak)
  • Stock Fleet Grade
  • Non-Programmable
  • Solenoids, 200 & 400amp high performance rated
  • 24V, 36V, 48V, and 72VDC
  • SOL-200 with 800Amp Break
  • SOL-400 with 1000Amp Break
  • Use with Alltrax 500amp and higher controllers
  • Hi-Performance Grade
  • Programmable, USB 2.0 Port
  • Plug Brake Options available
  • Color Coded Terminals
  • Hi_Reliability Fan Panel
  • Higher continuous rating than any competitor
  • Hi-Performance Thermal Plastic Grade
  • Programmable, USB 2.0 Port
  • USB Programmable
  • Integrated Heat sink
  • Hi_Reliability Fan Panel (Option)
  • Higher continuous rating than any competitor
  • XCT SHUNT with Dedicated Connectors IQ, PDS, YDRE, G19, PD-Plus, EZ-TXT48, DCS
  • XCT CAN Bus for future Lithium Battery Management and Digital Throttles
  • SR SERIES with color coded inputs and hi-power super-FET electonics