DCX Performance Products for SHUNT Wound Electric Motors

Commonly called SHUNT wound motors. These units drive golf cars, People movers, scissors lifts, boom trucks, Neighborhood electric vehicles, and a variety of other applications.

Features include:

  • Programmable via RS232 comm port using PC or Laptop
  • Integrated anodized heat-sink with multi bolt pattern for flexibility
  • Fully encapsulated epoxy fill – environmentally rugged design
  • Available in 300, 400, 500, and 600amp Performance versions
  • Advanced MOSFET power transistor design for excellent efficiency and power transfer
  • ½ Speed reverse option


Model DCX300 DCX400 DCX500 DCX600
Model Size

6.5” Short Heatsink

8.5” Long Heatsink

Battery Voltage 24-48V
Current Limit  

300 Amp


400 Amp


500 Amp


600 Amp

2 Min Rating
5 Min Rating 150 Amp 210 350 Amp
1 Hour Rating 135 Amp 160 Amp 250 Amp 250 Amp
Voltage Drop (*)

@ 100Amp

<0.30V <0.10V <0.09V <0.08V

>The DCX 300 and 400 replace the Curtis 1204 short heat sink at 6.5” in length (165.1mm)

>The DCX 500 and 600 replace the Curtis 1205 long heat sink at 8.5“ in length (215.9mm)


Model number breakdown, for example the { DCX600-ITS } is broken down as:

  • DCX – Family name
  • xxx-ITS – “Option Identifiers” = Inductive Throttle Setting – Factory programming,

(xxx-EZ is the E-Z-Go programming)

Product Features

Model: DCX300 / DCX400 / DCX500 / DCX600

  • Type: Separately Excited (Shunt) DC motor controller
  • Battery Input Voltage: 24 – 48VDC Nominal, (60VDC max)
  • Under voltage cutback: adjustable, 16-30 VDC
  • Over voltage shutdown: adjustable, 30-60 VDC (60VDC MAX)
  • Field Current Limit: 30A (Programmed for Motor Field Excitation Curve)
  • Operating Frequency: 18kHz
  • Contactor (Solenoid) drive current: 2A max

Control voltage range 12-60VDC @ 15mA max:

  • Key Switch Input
  • Throttle Inputs
  • Reverse Mode Inputs

Reverse Horn Output: 50mA sinking max (Active Low = Horn ON)

Standby Current (Power Up): <35mA

Throttle Input:

  • ITS (inductive)
  • Resistive 0-5K ohm (+/-10%) (2-wire and 3-Wire)
  • Resistive 5K-0 ohm (+/-10%)

Operating Temperature: -25C to 75C, 95C shutdown

Programmable Field Excitation Map (Factory shipped)

Adjustments via Controller Pro software:

  • Throttle acceleration / deceleration ramp rate
  • Throttle map (curve) profile: Linear, Progressive, S-Curve
  • MAX (Armature) current limit (0-100%)
  • Brake current limit (0-100%)
  • Under / Over voltage shutdown
  • Top Speed & Turbo button
  • Half Speed Reverse
  • High Pedal Disable
  • Plug Brake
  • TURBO (used only at FULL Throttle)

Adapter Circuits: See Product Page – Golf Car Adapters


Mechanical Drawings

Short Heatsink


Long Heatsink


10-Pin Conector


Product Wiring Connections

DCX Wiring Diagram:

An example of the inputs and outputs are shown. Click on the image to enlarge. This diagram is very generic example, please see the documentation page for the many various configurations this product can be used in.



Each car may use a particular connector.  The DCX has a 10 pin connector and some adapters to the various car wiring. When ordering – be sure to order the proper configurations, the unit will ship with the proper adapter.