Bad Boy Buggie Replacement Kit

An Advanced Motor Controller for Today’s Demanding Markets

  • Thermal plastic enclosure ABS
  • 48 Volt Controllers
  • 500 amp Controllers
  • Wire Harness adaptor to fit XT, XTO, XT Classic, BB2, and AMS4
  • Flexible USB programming
  • Solenoid Control Output for “Main DC Contactor Control”
  • Mount included for easy installation
  • Auto-throttle calibration for smooth operation
  • Hi-Reliability Optional Fan panel (Included on 500 amp model)
  • Includes Blue-tooth module for fast and easy wireless access to controller

Features & Options

Hi-Perfomance 32bit CPU

Throttle control for smooth operation compatible for most types of vehicle throttles.

Unsurpassed control with user adjustable from smooth to neck snapping wild!

USB 2.0 Programming Port

Windows XP through Windows 11

  • Free software
  • Simple Set-Up
  • User Friendly Controls
  • Note: Not compatible with WIN-8 RT (tablet)
5/16″ Terminals
  • B+ = POS – Battery + Motor Positive
  • B- = NEG – Battery Negative
  • J9 = M- Motor Minus Output
  • J7 & J8 = Field F1 and F2 Shunt Coil
  • SS 5/16″ hardware included)
Customer Connections
  • Includes wire harness adaptor that directly plugs into already existing BBB wire harness.
  • Active solenoid control RLY relay coil driver
  • USB programmable using ALLTRAX toolkit
Hi-Reliability Fan Panel

fan panel included in 500 amp models. Easy to replace fan panel uses a floating dual bearing design for many years of service in harsh environments. 12v fan replaceable with simple tools. The fan is turned on when the controller reaches two thirds of its maximum rated output current or if it reaches a temperature of 50°C.

Bluetooth Module

Kit includes a bluetooth module, for fast and easy wireless connection for programming and monitoring of both controllers. Module is compatible with both Android and IOS products

Product Manuals and Diagrams

XCT Operators Manual
Installation Instructions
Wire Harness
Panel Diagram
Bluetooth Manual