ALLTRAX – AXE – DCX Motor Controllers
Communications Software

The Programmable Alltrax Electric Motor Controllers such as the AXE (Series wound motors) and the DCX (Shunt wound motors) include an RS232 communications port. This port can be used to adjust user settings such as throttle type, power settings, and speed settings. It can also be used to monitor operation of the controller real time.

The program runs on Microsoft Windows™ based machines, laptops or desktops using simple user friendly controls. Alltrax provides this software down-loadable free of charge (cables not included). Controller Pro software has not been run on MAC™ based machines.

A kit can be purchased from Alltrax which includes:

  • Communications cable – RS232 to USB adapter
  • CD-R with Controller PRO operators manual, tech-notes, and the Controller PRO software program
  • Wall wart (120 VAC 60 Hz transformer) power supplies 15-20 VoltsDC to power the logic for programming. (International 220VAC 50Hz input to 15-20 VoltsDC transformers also available)
  • Instruction Manual & Technical notes (Available from web site)

Instruction Manual


“How To” Short Version


“How To” Power Connect


CONTROLLER PRO is used ONLY with AXE and DCX Products. Do NOT use with SPM or SPB controllers.

See SPM Products Page for Software.


Cables to Go and Sabrent Drivers

26866 Windows™ versions: 98, Me, 2000, XP (32/64 bit), Vista (32/64), and Windows 7 (32/64 bit)


39 Controller Pro 

For use with AXE and DCX Controllers built 2006 and newer only. SPM controllers use the Alltrax Toolkit


38 Controller Pro

For use with AXE and DCX Controllers built 2005 and older only. SPM controllers use the Alltrax Toolkit



Communications Standard RS232 at 9600 BAUD (8data, 1-stop, no parity)
Compatibility MS Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP-HOME, XP-Pro, Vista (See bulletin)
Controller Power Required 15VDC min, 18VDC recommended – Battery Pack voltage
Computer Standard IBM style with 232 communications port
Protocol Controller table ACSCII response – proprietary communications (Controller Pro must be used)
Capabilities Read Memory, Upgrade Software, Change user settings


The Controller Pro software is broken into three tabs, Control/Throttle/Monitor. The controller must be powered up before the screen will supply data. For more details on supplying power – view the diagram here.





The AXE and DCX are user programmable controllers with the RS232 port available to the user.

The NCX and NPX Controllers are cost effective Stock Replacement controllers that are factory programmed only. However, they include many of the same features listed below (just not accessible in the field).


High Pedal Disable

AXE and DCX Models Only- Prevent motor controller from providing power if throttle is applied to Key Switch Turned on


AXE “P” and DCX models ONLY with A2 terminal lug. Provides Plug Braking proportional to throttle position reaching full “Plugging” (Dynamic Motor Braking) when throttle below 25%.
TURBO (ON-OFF) Provides higher seed when not in current limit and throttle is at 100%
½ SPEED REVERSE ACXE and DCX Models Only – Limits vehicle speed in reverse based on 50% of forward “Top Speed” setting.

CURRENT (0-100%)

0-100% adjustment limits max current supplied to motor. Used to limit power. (The 400A controller set to 50%=200Amp max)
UNDER VOLTAGE Eventually shuts off. Prevents battery damage
OVER VOLTAGE Sets the over voltage shutoff for the controller during excessive regen or overcharging to prevent damage


Reported issues with installing “USB communication cable drivers”

Just a heads up for anyone using Controller Pro with Windows 7TM Home, Professional, Premium, and Windows VISTA TM, and Windows 8TM (32bit and 64bit platforms).

Here’s the scoop. Currently Alltrax recommends two USB to RS232 “Serial Adapters” for use with the Alltrax Controller Pro software. The Cables to Go “Port Authority 2 and the Radio Shack Model 26-183 use the “PROLIFIC” drivers which seem to work the best.

We found the USB adapters are easier to use than straight RS232 cables. With the release of the Microsoft Windows VISTA™ and Windows 7™ operating systems, the “drivers” that come with the adapter cables (located on the supplied CD package) may not be compatible with Windows VISTA™ or Window 7™ (unless clearly marked on the package). You may have to check the manufactures web site for Windows 8 TM drivers.

Cables to Go and Sabrent have drivers for both Windows Vista™ and Windows 7™ but Radio Shack is still working on the issue. Radio Shack (as of -2013) does not have Windows 8 drivers for their cable.

Unless the drivers are installed, neither of these adapter cables will work with Vista. These cables have worked on all previous Windows operating systems.


Getting the drivers for “Cables to Go” and “Sabrent” are pretty easy:

  • Plug the Adapter into the computer (The CD is not needed)
  • With the New Hardware wizard, have Windows Vista search the internet for the driver.
  • Windows Vista™, and Windows 7™, and Windows 8™ will search the Internet and get the correct driver to install.

Cables to Go has put the updated drivers on their website but they supplied the above installation instructions.

At this time, there are no known issues using Alltrax Controller Pro software with Windows Vista ™, Windows 7™ or Windows 8™, however, if you have any issues, please let us know at [email protected]

We found Vista 64 had issues with USB drivers. More news as we find it…