Bills sweet 1989 Nissan Converted into 170V Lithium – Alltrax Powered Electric

  • Controller: SPM-156600 Advanced Programmable 600amp 156 volt Series Controller
  • Motor: Series wound, Warp 9, 34HP, 5800 RPM, 100ft/lbs torque at 500Amp
  • Transmission: Stock Manual 5 speed (left in 2nd or 3rd gear)
  • Batteries: 170V 180Amphr K2 Energy Lithium Iron Phosphate
  • Throttle: Curtis PB-6 pot box
  • Range: Estimated 100miles
  • Charger: Line powered 8.5KW
  • Speed: 55MPH Avg speed

Bill decided to take some fun money and convert the Nissan. The project required swapping suspension coils (front and rear) to level the load, a new coat of blue metallic paint, and beautifully fabricated brackets, motor mounts, aluminum battery box and connect the 1/2 mile of wires (some exaggeration on my part). Most of all learning the technical aspects of the new SPM controller platforms capabilities and software tools makes this Alltrax’ powered Warp9 a Hot machine.