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1989 Nissan Converted into 170V Lithium

By March 27, 2017Customer Creations

Bills sweet 1989 Nissan Converted into 170V Lithium – Alltrax Powered Electric

  • Controller: SPM-156600 Advanced Programmable 600amp 156 volt Series Controller
  • Motor: Series wound, Warp 9, 34HP, 5800 RPM, 100ft/lbs torque at 500Amp
  • Transmission: Stock Manual 5 speed (left in 2nd or 3rd gear)
  • Batteries: 170V 180Amphr K2 Energy Lithium Iron Phosphate
  • Throttle: Curtis PB-6 pot box
  • Range: Estimated 100miles
  • Charger: Line powered 8.5KW
  • Speed: 55MPH Avg speed

Bill decided to take some fun money and convert the Nissan. The project required swapping suspension coils (front and rear) to level the load, a new coat of blue metallic paint, and beautifully fabricated brackets, motor mounts, aluminum battery box and connect the 1/2 mile of wires (some exaggeration on my part). Most of all learning the technical aspects of the new SPM controller platforms capabilities and software tools makes this Alltrax’ powered Warp9 a Hot machine.

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  • Scott Flick says:

    Thought about converting a car for commuting around the valley. Are these street legal?

    • llower31 says:

      Hello Scott,
      Yes this car can reach highway speeds and is completely street legal. The controller was custom built by Alltrax for this application so they aren’t in production but we do have a limited supply of 72 volt SPM controllers that would be capable of being used for an EV conversion.

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