Andrew (with the help of his Father) built this awesome Green “E-Kart” Electric Go-Kart in a quiet suburb of ┬áCanada.

  • Controller: AXE4834, Programmable 300amp Series Controller
  • Motor: Series wound, 24 volt, 8000 RPM, 30 ft/lbs torque at 4 HP continuous, face mount shaft
  • Gear Ratio: 10:1
  • Batteries: 2 x 12V gel cells
  • Throttle: EV Drives PB-6 Curtis Original pot box
  • Solenoid: EV Drives MZJ-200D, 200amp 24Volt main DC disconnect
  • Frame: Northern Tools go-kart (mail order) built for gas – now converted for electric
  • Speed: Clocked at 25 MPH max speed
  • Run time: about 45 minutes on a full charge

As Niel explains his Son’s project…
The Kart’s frame came with frame, tires and steering mechanism. It was originally designed for gas motor so we had to do a lot of planning to organize the electric parts in their proper places. The body was purchased in March 2011 and we had it running by around June/July 2011 time frame. We are using 2 Gell batteries (24V) to run the motor. A third battery is being used to run the 12volt accessories like stereo/CD player, GPS, fan, and headlights.